Support and Training

In parallel with our other services, we work in partnership with the KCIG Academy, to provide top level training and support for both internal and external customers. Our training focusses on building up individual capabilities in design and implementation processes and a more in-depth study of ILS (integrated Logistics Support) and LSA (Logistics Support Analysis) matters.

Training topics:

  • The role and benefits of ILS during a development, upgrade or sustainment project
  • Reliability Availability Maintainability and Testability (RAMT) analysis 
  • LSA analysis, for example:
    • Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)
    • Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis  (FMECA, e.g. Mil Std 1629A)
    • Damage Mode Effects Analysis (DMEA)
    • Reliability Block Diagrams (RBD)
    • Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA)
    • Level Of Repair Analysis (LORA)
    • Preventive Maintenance Program development
    • In Service Maintenance Optimization (ISMO)

KCIG also provides LSAR (Logistics Support Analysis Record) training to complement our LSAR services. To learn more about this you can view our LSAR services page here.

If we can train it, we can provide support for it. If we can provide support for it, we can train it. To learn more about how our support and training services can help your business, contact us today!