ILS and IPS Services

KCIG’s Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Integrated Product Support (IPS) experts specialise in providing high level support services. ILS and IPS both focus on the life cycle optimisation management process that originated from the military complex. The main difference between these areas is that ILS remains in the military domain while IPS has migrated to the civilian area. Every element within the IPS framework is based on proven product development procedures. The core mantra of IPS is to increase the system availability while reducing life cycle costs. KCIG’s IPS services achieve this by combining the core elements of ILS with established project know how and proven automotive experience. 

KCIG’s approach to ILS and IPS is focussed on bolstering your team’s knowledge and experience with the right processes, tools, standards and specifications. The KCIG team is made up of individuals that bring together the most relevant mix of skills. This ensures we are able to support all of your activities. You can learn more about our ILS and IPS related management support services here.

KCIG provides total support on all Obsolescence Management related tasks, from set up to project takeover. Our OM strategy focusses on the control and minimisation of obsolescence risk. This allows for the early deployment of countermeasures so that you can make an informed decision on how to tackle these issues before they arise. You can learn more about Obsolescence Management services here.

KCIG offers training through the KCIG Academy to provide top level support for our customers on-site. In this capacity, we focus on building up their own capability by designing and implementing processes as well as providing training on ILS and LSA (Logistics Support Analysis) matters. You can learn more about our training services here.

KCIG is highly competent with most Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR) data structures. KCIG also participates in the Steering Committees of ASD S3000L, S4000P and SX000i, AKA the Data Model Exchange Working Group (DMEWG). We know how to handle and transform data and match it with other ASD specification and legacy data formats, such as Mil Std 1388-2B. You can learn more about our LSAR support services here.

If you have any further questions, comments or requests regarding our Integrated Product Support and Integrated Logistics Support services, contact us today!