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Project Management

Project Management

With a diverse portfolio of global customers, including major international OEMs, a job at KCIG will see you working on challenging, worldwide projects!
"As a project consultant with KCIG, my main area of work expertise is the global product development of passenger cars. It makes me proud to be able to see the cars I am working on for our customers driving by on all the streets across the world!" - KCIG Project Consultant
As a company that rewards innovation, KCIG is a great place for Project Managers and future leaders to get their ideas recognized!
"I find the most rewarding aspect of working with KCIG is being given the opportunity to develop the next generation of vehicles that people will be driving in the future. I also thoroughly enjoy working within the multinational team environment KCIG provides. I have also been fully supported in career goals, from continuous feedback to extensive training." - KCIG Project Consultant

Project Management Innovators

A project management career with KCIG offers a diverse and challenging environment for the ambitious, passionate and driven professional! Since our inception in 2007, we have continuously implemented an innovative and flexible approach towards project management related tasks, for all of our clients, including some of the world’s leading OEMs, such as Ford, Volkswagen, GM and Mazda. With 4 locations across Europe, we have our finger on the pulse of International Project Management.

Your role will be supporting our clients with their project management systems for international product development. You will need to determine the best solutions for each situation, while making sure the projects run to time, scope and budget. In order to excel in this role you will need to rise to each occasion and bring your best to each task – and KCIG will support you each step of the way! Our heavy focus on innovation means that we always want to know what you have to say and we ensure that your ideas will find a voice.

Innovative Processes begin with Passionate People

The modern business world is facing constant pressure from global markets, ever-changing, business models with shortening product and service life cycles. In order to remain competitive, it is vital to deal with these factors. So how does KCIG manage it? The answer is simple – You! Project Managers with strong leadership, communication skills and passion make all the difference. Each day will bring new challenges as you encounter tasks from across a range of technologies, customer markets, products, and services. In order to meet these challenges you will rise to the occasion, developing your knowledge and skillset while acting as a diplomat for your project. We can’t wait to have you along with us for the ride.

State-of-the-art Project Management

Our customers work in one of the most dynamic and competitive industries in the world which means you will be front and centre in one of the largest and most professional project management environments around. You will work on developing global vehicle programs and best practice techniques, while simultaneously defining processes and managing entire systems for Change, Complexity, Process Definition and Issue Management.

Career Development

Starting on a major project while working in an international team of motivated professionals is only the start of your career. The question is: What comes next? KCIG is focused on helping you achieve your career goals, through professional and personal development. In order to help all our employees reach their goals we provide high quality, professional training, through our partner organisation KCIG Academy. Courses that we run include, Project Management (PM Fundamentals), PMP Certification, Personal development and Professional competencies and much more! In addition to training courses new employees can also expect mentorship and support from the KCIG team.


Expand your horizons and engage your passion as you work on global automotive product development for leading OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers!
"I have always had a huge interest in the automotive industry and KCIG supported me that by helping find the exact type of work that I was looking for. They also provided in-house training for developing my skill set in working with OEMs. The best thing though, is feeling like part of a group and enjoying the great employee events!" - KCIG Project Engineer
KCIG focusses on internationally placed staff that provide global product development and combine it with an extensive service portfolio that meets the needs of our industry leading clients.
"My career at KCIG gives me the opportunity to work across a diverse range of topics, allowing me to collect an invaluable amount of working experience across several technical fields, while using various tools - all within a very short time-frame which is really important to me!" - KCIG Project Engineer

Global Ideas: Engineering a world of difference

Engineering careers at KCIG offer a dynamic and challenging environment for passionate and driven professionals. Since our inception in 2007, we have grown rapidly as an Engineering and Project Management service provider for some of the world’s leading OEMs. With multiple locations across Europe, international operations and, a dedicated team of engineers working on global projects we have our finger on the pulse of international vehicle development.

The modern automotive industry is as interesting and versatile as it focusses simultaneously on International and localised markets. While there is a globally spanning market demand for vehicles, each region and demographic requires their own unique products and features. As an Engineer at KCIG, you will rise to these challenges, by acting as a creative problem solver. You will bring your ideas, skills and passion in order to meet a wide range of team-oriented tasks and projects within technologically challenging and diverse environments.

KCIG Engineering: Know How meets Do Now

Our customers face constant pressure from rapid technological changes and strong competition. In order to ensure success in spite of these challenges, KCIG seeks engineers that employ logical thinking and planning, have an attention to fine details, are able to communicate effectively and strategically and blend their skills together with a superior technological knowledge. KCIG takes an active role in establishing work environments that foster passion, motivation and change in order to support our employee’s analytical aptitude and creativity in their daily work. Ultimately, being an engineer is about getting things done – It is a hands-on career choice for individuals who are able to effortlessly combine knowledge and practicality. 

KCIG Careers: Technologically Driven

Our customers require a wide variety of engineering specialists. KCIG supports every step development phase from pre-development to the end of production. In the automotive sector we work with a large range of OEMs, Tier 1 and 2 suppliers. Our services include in powertrain, BiW, chassis, electronics general systems and body.

Our coverage of the European engineering market is extensive, and we are able to provide engineering jobs in many disciplines, both on a contract and permanent basis. We offer engineering positions across:

  • CAD Design and CAE
  • Quality
  • Component and systems
  • Calibration
  • Test & Validation
  • NVH


Career Development

Starting on major projects while working in an international team of professionals is only the beginning. The question is: What comes next? KCIG is focused on helping you achieve your future career goals, through professional and personal development. In order to help all our employees reach their goals we provide high quality, professional training, through our partner organisation KCIG Academy. KCIG Academy runs regular courses on a wide variety of topics, which will set you up with a large set of business related skills. New employees can also expect mentorship and support from the KCIG team.

Project Management