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KCIG As Employers

What we’re doing is more than just a job. Careers@KCIG don’t put you on a seat inside a cubicle, they put you in the drivers seat.Working with KCIG you will be working side by side with industry leaders on exciting global projects for some of the world’s most prominent OEM’s, such as Ford, GM, Mazda and Volkswagen.

As an internationally minded organisation with a strong focus on putting people first we are committed to improving and investing in the professional lives and careers of our employees. KCIG believes that diversity equals strength. Our teams are made up from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds, coming together to create an open, welcoming and productive work environment.

If you are ready to see your passion make a difference, apply now and get started with KCIG!

Our Team

Rewards & Benefits

International Diversity:

We believe that diversity equals strength. Our team is made up of a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds coming together to create an open, welcoming and productive work environment. It is within this setting that you will be working on global projects for our multi-national clients!

Networking & Employee Events:

A career at KCIG means much more that just a job! KCIG Team Supervisors are constantly organizing amazing employee events that we run throughout the year, giving you time to kick back, relax and get to know the other people in our team!

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe strongly in giving back to the communities in which we operate. We pledge a fixed percentage of our annual profits to support charitable organisations and local events. We also take on board your suggestions in doing our part to make the world a better place!

Support & Development

Professional and Personal Development:

KCIG is committed to improving and investing in the professional and personal lives of all of our employees. One of the ways we do this through the KCIG Academy by providing training to help employees develop their skills and knowledge, to learn more about the KCIG Academy, click HERE

Multi-national Clients:

If you are interested in the automotive industry, KCIG is the place for you! With clients such as Ford, Volkswagen, General Motors and Mazda and the support of passionate, knowledgeable team members KCIG provides the perfect environment for automotive enthusiasts.

Leading edge Innovation:

We encourage our employees to show us their innovation, passion and creativity. We know that a company functions best when you work WITH us not just for us! With our “Innovation Days” initiative you are given a scheduled day off away from regular tasks to pursue your own ideas! Any projects tools or systems produced during this time have a chance of finding their way into our general process and operations.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What Jobs are you offering?
We are recruiting Engineers – across multiple streams, project coordinators and managers, data analysts, finance analysts and buyers in various locations across Europe. To learn more about which jobs we are currently searching for, check out our job board.
What qualifications or skills do I need to apply?
Bachelor’s degree and higher in Engineering, IT or Business are preferable however, other degrees may also be applicable. Practical experience in: The automotive industry, technical engineering or transportations sectors are also very important.
Are there any specific language requirements?
It is necessary to be fluent in English as it is the business language for our clients. IT can also be beneficial if you are able to speak the local language of the region in which the job you applied for is located.
What makes KCIG a great place to work?
KCIG has a great corporate culture, excellent job security and amazing international work opportunities. WE focus heavily on career development – including offering you courses through the KCIG Academy. Last but not least, we offer highly competitive salary packages!
How should I Apply?
It’s simple! Go to our job board via apply now. Fill out the application form, making sure you attach your cover letter and CV along with any relevant certificates and references!
KCIG As Employers
Frequently Asked Questions